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Trek and Travel: Perú Gift Show

Trek and Travel Peruacute Gift Show
The annual Perú Gift show is one of my favorites, great craftsmanship and design, lovely people, and the food! I love to attend this show, and love even more to head out for a late ceviche lunch. Not only are you surrounded by innovative design and inspiring people, but you're also in one of the most beautiful countries. Located in Lima, the capital of Peru, the gift show brings together more than 100 export companies from Peru and more than 130 import companies from all around the world, all specializing in handmade gifts and home decor accessories. Over the years, I've gotten to know several of the talented vendors who participate and always manage to bring back some unique items to Diseño to share with you all. Here are some of my favorite things, found while exploring the gift show. And feast your eyes on my food pics too. Check us out on Instagram @disenoboston.


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