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Product of the Week: Our Argentine Vintage Textiles

Product of the Week Our Argentine Vintage Textiles
More and more for the fall season, our vintage textiles from northern Argentina have been getting a lot of attention. Hand loomed and vegetable dyed they're the ultimate example of color, texture, warmth and style. Known as frasadas in Bolivia or mantas in Argentina, these textiles are made from alpaca, llama, or sheep's wool. Harder and harder to find, each textile is unique with designs determined by the individual weaver themself based on their mood or feeling at the time.

With the skill of hand looming, pieces are stitched together to create distincitve patterns, colorful stripes, and text! Because of this they make great accent pieces for your floor, the foot of the bed, or even hanging froom hooks for decoration. If you have any left over pieces, they can also be used to upholster a chair or bench and to make decorative pillows.

You can currently shop for these one of a kind items on our site here. Generally, we have textiles ranging from 4.5-6' square in various colors and patterns. Feel free come in for a better look and experience these amazing works of art for yourself!

Frank Campanale

updated: 8 years ago

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