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Trends We Love: Home on the Range

Trends We Love Home on the Range

(Source: Catherine Dash; http://www.lonny.com/Trends+We+Love/articles/cMrWpolN5Sj/Trend+Love+Home+Range)

After a recent trip out west, Catherine Dash was dreaming of infusing a modern-western vibe into her own home. She endeared the open, free aesthetics of the "Home on the Range." We picked a few of our pieces to help bring the western flare home.

Cowhide & Leather Pillow - A great way to introduce the unique texture and feel of cowhide to a room. Crafted and imported from Argentina with the finest hides available, these pillows help represent life out west by bringing the textures, warmth, and style of the outdoors, indoors.

Vintage Gaucho Riding Crops – Talking about “Home on the Range” this authentic vintage gaucho was used traditionally to train horses in South America. Today we use this for style and decoration, but don’t forget its past.

Alberto Coffee/Cocktail Table - Designed by Frank Campanale, this one-of-a-kind coffee table imported from Buenos Aires, Argentina is crafted from pinotea wood, has a glass insert top, and steel shelf below. Making this table simple, solid, and stylish for that "Home on the Range."

Hand loomed rugs from Guatemala - Crafted by artisans using a traditional pedal loom, these carpets are a great combination of wool and cotton that create unique shapes and designs.

Patagonia Sheepskin Stool - Made in Argentina of wood and sheepskin, our popular Patagonia stool was traditionally used by Argentines as seating in front of a fire to to socialize and drink. Definitely an activity you can bring to the range!

Silver and Horn Candlesticks - When things get a little dark on the range, you can use our beautiful, yet rustic silver and horn candlesticks.

Vintage BKF Cowhide Chair- Sit back and relax in these one of a kind vintage BKF chairs with cowhide seating.

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updated: 8 years ago

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