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The Big Flea Invades New York City

The Big Flea Invades New York City

(All photos: Kaylei McGaw / Lonny)

The "Big Flea" comes to Manhattan's soaring Pier 94!

New York City’s largest indoor flea market to date, encompasses more than 600 booths that are spread over the Pier's 100,000+ square feet with vendors selling everything from antique furniture to collectible sterling silver. We even saw vintage Hermès handbags!

Below we have an inside view of the trends and treasures from the show:

Vintage Textiles / Pillows

Classic Bar Cart / Antique Pillows / Vintage Victorian Chair

Vintage Pottery / Picture Frames / Sculptures / Antique Silverware

New York City really digs design elements, after all they have always been the genesis of fashion and interior design. You’ll find everything at this flea market as long as it’s antique, ranging from $20 pieces to high-end antique dealers.

Check out the original article on Lonny.

Frank Campanale

updated: 8 years ago

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