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Product of the Week: Rich and Unique Natural Fiber and Llama Wool Pillows

Sunday, September 7, 2014

On a recent shopping excursion to Buenos Aires, we came across these beautiful and simple products made of 100% natural fibers, specifically pillows and throws. The textiles and designs are inspired by the Argentine culture and as you will see in the pictures below, this results in some pretty unique patterns and rich, bold colors. These products bring together the materials and techniques of the indigeonous people of Argentina with the style and sophistication of designers in Buenos Aires, and are made with the notion in mind to improve Argentina's textile culture. We carry three [...] more

Product of the Week: The Classic BKF Chair

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The BKF chair , also known as the "Butterfly" chair, was born in 1938 in Buenos Aires where the Austral Group, comprised of the three architects Antonio Bonet Castellana, Juan Kurchan, and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy, developed the idea of an iron framed chair with a leather hanging as support. This was inspired by the wooden framed Tripolina chair (below, top right image), which was modernized for the home from campaign chairs used by British military troops in the late 1800's . Once developed, the chair was presented in the First Hall of [...] more

Product of the Week: Our Back To School Must Haves!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

We all know the familiar feeling of the anxious, yet excited feeling when September rolls around and school is officially in session. Whether it's purchasing your brand new fall wardrobe or decorating your dorm room, there are always essential items you need to start the year off right. Here at Diseño, our back to school essential is our collection of leather messenger bags, tote bags, and tablet cases from Colombia. Made from top-grain leather, all of our bags are stylish, functional, and comfortable to wear. For those of you constantly on the go, our urban [...] more

Product of the Week: Our Peruvian Hand-Knit Stuffed Animals

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Our hand-knit stuffed animals from Peru are some of our most coveted posessions because of the special meaning behind them! Started by a family called the Manuelas, these toys are a part of the project called Casa de la Mujer Artesana, which supports craftswomen from the populated and poor area of Puno, Peru by developing their knitting, commercial skills, and self-esteem. Buying each one of these adorable stuffed animals helps to improve their lives as well as yours! The toys are either made from alpaca wool or organic cotton making them soft and easy to [...] more

Product of the Week: Our Patagonia Stools

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Made in Buenos Aires , our Patagonia stool is one of the most popular and unique products we have. With five wood legs and a padded sheepskin seat, it's both a sturdy and comfortable seating option for any bedroom or living room. The stools actually take inspiration from an Argentine tradition of sitting in front of fires to talk and drink the local beverage, mate. The stool is the perfect height for this! The unique design is reflective of the history and diverse region of the Patagonia area, which has several rich resources [...] more

Product of the Week: Our Keith Haring Inspired Ceramic Scupltures

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Keith Haring, one of the most influential and popular American artists, has inspired Peruvian ceramic artist Christian Escajadillo to produce these colorful popart ceramics. Including figures of a cat, dog, baby, and acrobat, the sculptures add a pop of whimsical fun to any room in the house. Perfect for a shelf or table in a kids' room, or as an accent in a living room these scupltures comes in colors red, turquoise, golden yellow, and white. Dimensions for each scuplture are as follows: PopDog (H 5"|L 9"|W 7"), PopCat [...] more

Product of the Week: Alpaca Silver- Elegant home decor accessories

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our alpaca silver products are some of our most distinct and beautiful home decor accessories. Alpaca silver , which is made of an alloy similar to that of sterling silver, offers the refined look of silver while it doesn't tarnish, stain or rust. This allows it to remain in superb condition over a period of time, making it the perfect material for our sleek, yet sturdy trays and boxes. Originally invented in Europe and known as "German Silver," this material has stood the test of time and pairs well with organic materials such as horn and bone. Adorned [...] more
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