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Product of the Week: Our Keith Haring Inspired Ceramic Scupltures

Product of the Week Our Keith Haring Inspired Ceramic Scupltures
Keith Haring, one of the most influential and popular American artists, has inspired Peruvian ceramic artist Christian Escajadillo to produce these colorful popart ceramics. Including figures of a cat, dog, baby, and acrobat, the sculptures add a pop of whimsical fun to any room in the house.

Perfect for a shelf or table in a kids' room, or as an accent in a living room these scupltures comes in colors red, turquoise, golden yellow, and white. Dimensions for each scuplture are as follows: PopDog (H 5"|L 9"|W 7"), PopCat (H 7"|L 7"|W 3"), PopAcrobat (H 10"|L 9"|W 3"), and PopBaby (H 5"|L 9"|W 7"). They range from $150-200 and you can find them all here in our art gallery section!

If you like what you see above, Christian does other contemporary ceramic pieces that pop as well. For example, his "Paper Turns Into Clay" Origami pieces are quite exquisite. They have sharp, angular lines, but also a clean and modern look. Great as a fruit bowl or a serving platter! Let us know what you like and we can bring them in for you with our next shipment!

See his other creations here and let us know what you think of them below!

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