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Amazing Design: Roman And Williams

Amazing Design Roman And Williams


What do you get when you consistently push the tension between spontaneity & vigor, refinement & rebellion, past & future? Roman and Williams answered this exact question when they took their first steps away from film design after actor Ben Stiller asked them to design a home for him in Los Angeles.

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“We focus on a vernacular language, because vernacular is beyond design. It’s from the heart.” - Roman and Williams

We share similar loves with Roman and Williams, one being the signature BKF "Butterfly" chairs in natural brown leather and dyed purple leather featured in our blog's main image above. We love to strip things down to their essence – instead of design, striving for integrity and character with pieces that warm the heart, like our Horn & Bone Candlesticks or our huge Argentine hides.

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Like Diseno, Roman & Williams' works are focused on people and their experiences of a space; they are intrigued with rustic, earthy, and masculine elements. They believe bringing together the elements of nature will promote the feeling of freedom and a resonant spirt. For rooms with an inherited intensity, try adding a sheep skin or goat skin over the main accent in the room, which adds a feeling of warmth and complexity.

Roman and Williams is known for their contradictions and use of layers and eclecticism, never allowing their creations to be limited by what was done last. They search for the neglected and unused spaces wanting to stimulate them, raise their temperature, and create a lively warm feeling.

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You can get their book Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors: Things We Made here at Diseno, we promise you will enjoy their demeanor and style or check out Roman and Williams' website and let us know what you think of their unique style!

Frank Campanale
Remodeling and Home Design