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Hotel Tour: The Hotel at the Edge of the World

Hotel Tour The Hotel at the Edge of the World

We doubt you’ve seen anything like this modern hotel overlooking Patagonia, few are lucky enough to experience the beauty of South America’s tip: Patagonia. Located in Puerto Natales, Chile, Indigo Patagonia this hotel was built by Chilean architect Sebastián Irarrázaval, in which his vision developed around concepts bound by four basic principles:

Exclusivity: Privileged locations in Chile and the world.

Excellence: The best hospitality, cuisine and spa treatments.

Warmth: Professional and personalized service.

Environmental Responsibility: Seek a contribution to the environment, each of our Hotels is sustainable.


We love Sebastián Irarrázaval’s vision encompassing the vast land of Patagonia and share that same passion. We love the natural textures and colors of the landscape, the simplicity. And with great healthy Chilean food and wine, what else could we ask for? It's why we love our Patagonia Stool like Sebastian, our objective is to experience it all, wherever we travel, and Patagonia is no different, displaying the best of what nature has to offer and reminding the world of this glorious land we often neglect.

Want to learn more about Patagonia? Let us know what you think of this gorgeous hotel and if you'll be making it a go-to destination!

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