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Recent travel to Lima, and Arequipa, Peru

Recent travel to Lima, and Arequipa, Peru

Pais Textil, finest alpaca and pima cotton pillows and throws, and a few food and drinks images

I'm just back from the Peru Moda/Deco 2018 show in Lima, a show I have been attending for years. It's a great collection of vendors large and small from all over Peru. The products are in categories, from fashion, to kids to home decor (Deco). Peru has a tremendous offering of fine products, many hand crafted, organic sourced raw materials such as alpaca and pima cotton (Arequipa is the alpaca world capital!), as well as fine silver and gold jewelry, ceramics and other home decor items.

Besides great products, crafts and art, Peru, and especially Lima, offers some of the best food in the world. Lima is now considered one of the top dining destinations, with 3 of the top 10 fine dining restaurants in all of Latin America, and at least 1 in the global ranking. Peru has a unique confluence of cultures, with great Chinese and Japanese influence, as well as an extensive and fascinating array of agricultural products. Lima, being the largest city in South America located directly on the sea, has great seafood, as well as many variations of traditional and contemporary meat dishes. There is a lot ot work with here!

With great food, and a handful of high profile celebrity chefs, along with some of the coolest and most stylish restaurant scenes anywhere, it is by far one of my top 3 dining destinations. I have brought guests here on a few occasions, and they concur. Lima, and Peruvian food, and drink (Pisco!) is some of the best!

When in Lima, besides planning every meal, I always make a point of exploring the many and extensive market areas. Here i'll find vintage textiles from Cuzco, hand embroidered pillows, alpaca anything, and some interesting arts and crafts. There's a wonderful if a bit scruffy antiques market area too, where I have discovered some great finds, including vintage Murano glass. Yes, many European immigrants ended up here too, and with some wealth, and connections to the homeland. It makes for a very interesting mix, in food, art, design and lifestyle.

I'm fortunate to have vendors and artists who have become good friends, so the schedule is usually pretty social, and we love to check out the new places, some over the top trendy and stylish, others hole in the wall, or just places known for the most amazing food, cocktails, coffee. Lima, and now Arequipa, are 2 destinations I will return to, and with guests, and happy to help folks plan itineraries. It's a must destination, for any foodie world traveler!
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