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Get The Look: Spruce Up Your Foyer

Get The Look Spruce Up Your Foyer
The article "8 Essentials Every Foyer Needs" was our inspiration behind this blog post on how to spruce up your foyer, making it comfortable for you and welcoming for your guests. Author Julia Millay Walsh says that the "foyer gives guests their first impression of your home and your interior design style, and it’s also where you begin and end your day out in the world." We couldn't agree more; we believe the foyer should offer a taste of what to expect throughout the rest of your home so put some time and effort into it with these additions below!

1. Get a container to hold miscellaneous items that are usually left near the front door such as shoes, accessories like hats and scarves, etc. The article suggested a basket, but what might also be nice are our glazed ceramic pots. This will add a little color to your foyer and provide a new way of storing things.

2. A small table is a necessity near your front door. You'll always need to somewhere to drop a bag, mail, or keys when you come home. We suggest our tables with raw steel and wood or steel top. The wood comes in cherry, pickeled oak, or dark mahogany giving a richness to your foyer. If glass is more of your style, it comes in a glass top as well for a more modern look.

3. Spice up your foyer with personality using decorative accents such as statues and special vintage finds. Remember, you want to set a unique tone that can be found throughout the rest of your home. Try out our Guatemalan sculptures, vintage textiles from Argentina, or the "Keith Haring" inspired ceramics. In the picture on the left from Domaine, they also used stools as seating. Our popular Patagonia stools would also be small enough to fit underneath any console table and will definitely make a talking piece for your guests!

4. Besides sculptures and vintage pieces, you can also display artwork in your foyer to add a little color and personality to the walls. One of our favorite and most popular paintings in stock is our Claudio Gianinni work entitled, "Big Hair."

5. A mirror is always a plus in your foyer. There's always time to do one more double glance at yourself to make sure you look your best. For a chic look, our mirror wrapped around the edges in leather or cowhide is a great option.

6. Seating is also another important element in creating a comfortable space for your foyer. Your guests will want a place to sit down and take off or put on their shoes. You have the option of either individual chairs or a bench, but we think a bench might be more comfortable if you have room for one. Domaine offers the suggestion of using ottomans that can slide under your table as well. The Pampa bench is a clean and sleek look that comes with leather seating that can also slide underneath tables.

7. We've all been through the panic of not being able to find our keys right before we head out the door. Get a small dish or tray that will be designated for holding your keys so you always know where they are. We suggest our alpaca silver tray or vintage Murano crystal glass.

8. Of course having good lighting near your entryway is an important factor. Whether it's a lamp or an overhead light, you need it to light your way when you come home on those late nights from work. Domaine suggests the use of pendant lights that offer a soft glow and we couldn't agree more! A good alternative, though, might be our Onyx "Lava" wall sconce.

Well, there you have it! The eight ways to spruce up your foyer and make it a more welcoming and inviting space for you and your guests. We noticed a whole lot of cowhide as well in each of the pictures, which we obviously think adds a special touch to most rooms. Check out or assortment of hides and read the original article here. Let us know how what tips you're taking away!

Frank Campanale

Remodeling and Home Design