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Holiday Gift Guide: The Mancave Essentials

Holiday Gift Guide The Mancave Essentials
Most men have a place in the home where they can retreat to with their buddies to watch tv, drink, and just relax. However, that doesn't mean it has to resemble their dorm room from their college days. Known for our masculine and relaxed sense of design, we thought we would gather some essential items to help spruce up his mancave and make it as stylish and put together as you and your home are.

1.The Rug

A good carpet or rug makes a great foundation for any mancave. It's where beer or coffee will be spilled, cheese dip splattered, and crumbs sprinkled. That's why it's a great idea to get a hide carpet such as the ones below since the natural oil in the hair repels most stains. We've even spilled red wine once on our rug and just wiped it right out! Get them as simple as our golden caramel sheepskin or try a fun block printed pattern to show off his style.

2. The Chair

Gone are the days of the barcalounger. Get him something a little more modern and updated, but still just as comfortable. Our options are more sleek and take up less room making the space more flexible. Give our Tripolina chair a try, which is light weight, fully collapsible, and comes with the option of a canvas, hide, or leather covering. If you want something more edgy and classic the BKF or "Butterfly" chair, which was inspired by the Tripolina, is also a great option. With a broader back and more unique shape, it definitely makes a statement piece. For something more relaxed that can be used as a seat or table, give one of our distressed leather or hide ottomans a go.

3. The Pillows

Whether they're going on the back of his chair or being used as arm rests on a sofa, the mancave pillows should maybe vary in size but kept in a similar color scheme or tone. For example, if you like darker tones get black or dark grey pillows, but mix up the patterns and shapes by getting rectangular, square, or checkered woven leather. They'll add texture and various dimensions to the room. Another great option are our classic alpaca fur pillows or cowhide pillows that never go out of style.

4. The Accessories

In order to personalize the mancave you'll need accessories to liven up the room and grab people's attention. A good way to do that is by using smaller subtle items that can go on shelves or side tables. We love our Keith Haring inspired ceramic scuplture, PopDog. It comes in different styles and colors. It's great just on its own and adds a pop of color to the room in a creative way. Another item we love are our Guatemalan handcarved sculptures. Get one on its own or have them lined up to make more of a statement. For the beer or wine drinker, our alpaca silver and horn bucket is an edgy and masculine option.

5. The Artwork

If the walls of your mancave are a plain white or simply wood or brick, a good way to add some personality is by hanging artwork. It makes a good talking piece and adds more depth to the room. We suggest our vintage Latin American movie posters pictured below.

Take a look below at some of our own personal mancave sets and use them as inspiration for your own at home! Don't be afraid to mix and match from any set to create a unique and fun decor.


Happy Holidays!

Frank Campanale

updated: 8 years ago

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