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4 “Must Have” Travel Tips

Courtesy sunkaermyBudgetTravel

"Colonia del Sacramento has become one of my favorite places in South America. It is an absolutely beautiful town across the river from Buenos Aires in Uruguay. I took this picture as the sun was setting right behind the clouds to give off perfect sunbeams as a sailboat passed by." (Courtesy sunkaer/myBudgetTravel)

If you’ve ever had the idea of traveling through South America with just a backpack and a map then this guide is for you. Discover what it takes for the average person to make their way through the vast scenic region of South America. These four tips include learning Spanish, how to enjoy the local nature, the surprising benefits of volunteering for work, and educating yourself for the travel.

1. One of the best investments anybody can make before traveling is learning the language! Of course you don't need to learn it perfectly, but a basic understanding will help you ask for directions, find your way through the supermarket, and communicate with locals that know the best travel destinations. Knowing the language shows interest and helps meet new people, this can go a long way when traveling. Don’t miss hidden opportunities because you can’t speak the local language!

2. Many traveling tourists tend to cover the big city destinations of the world, leaving behind the beauty and wonders of what lies just a few miles outside the metropolis. Nature has amazing offerings, make sure you include a few wild-life experiences and some scenic beauty! This may turn out to be one of the highlights of your trip if you’re as into nature as we are. Take the time to discover the rainforest, Andes mountains, and vast coastal regions everywhere you go!

3. Something that can change everyday life even when you're back home is volunteering, which is often far overlooked while on vacation. Not all traveling must consist of carnivale and fiestas; helping other people can bring personal joy way beyond any vacation, while at the same time offer a life changing experience that connects you to the indigenous people of the world. Many continents struggle with poverty, natural disasters and, in general, bad living conditions. Take the opportunity to give something back and the connections you make may last a lifetime.

Photograph by Bobby Model

4. Preparing yourself before vacation is important because traveling can become mentally and physically draining if you’re not properly prepared. Always educate yourself before the trip, this way you can plan ahead. Reading literature and watching documentaries are great ways to do this for yourself. Travel discovery can be extensively rewarding when you realize how much human effort was put into development and understand the engineering and architectural brilliance behind it.

We hope these tips can help you in your next travels, wherever they may be, by creating positive human connections. Our joy of traveling and interacting with different kinds of people is something we love dearly and owe our business inspiration too. For more travel information regarding South America Travel please contact me, Frank Campanale. I can offer local insights for planning and enjoying the perfect vacation on a budget.

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