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Fun Fact: What Does it Take to be a Craigslist Pro?

Fun Fact What Does it Take to be a Craigslist Pro

Source: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/secrets-of-craigslist-tons-of-133405

Mostly everyone has heard of Craigslist.com, a modern, online version of the classified ads found within the pages of most newspapers. Craigslist, however, offers more benefits to consumers across the world.

Whether you're looking to buy two last minute tickets to that sold out concert, an old couch for the school year, or some great electronics, you're almost guarenteed to find what you're looking for by searching through the various sections.

Craigslist is an easy to use site that is accessible to anyone who has a computer and internet access. Another great site that we sometimes use ourselves is Ebay, where you can find great vintage finds for your home such as our vintage seltzer bottles or textiles.

Check out the article here, if you want to learn about becoming a Craigslist pro and develop a keen sense of how to buy and sell!

Frank Campanale

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