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Secondhand Rehab: Architectural Salvage Stores

Secondhand Rehab Architectural Salvage Stores

Source: http://hammersandhighheels.blogspot.com/2011/02/northside-architectural-salvage-stores.html

Architectural salvage stores are warehouses that buy and sell building parts salvaged from demolished or remodeled structures. They often carry old hard-to-find building parts. From east coast to west coast, Apartment Therapy has you covered with the best places around. Some common finds are:

“I've also purchased chandeliers, filigreed door knobs, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, ceramic tile, bricks, door moldings, solid oak doors, and antique radiators”
  • Old Architectural parts (pubs, churches, libraries)
  • Rare and antique moldings, brackets, and columns
  • Antique lighting fixtures, tubs, sinks, faucets, doorknobs, hinges, and cabinet pulls
  • Raw iron
  • Original building parts
  • Used construction materials
  • Flooring, wainscoting, and baseboard from reclaimed lumber

Occasionally we see events such as house sales, in which everybody brings their own tools and helps take apart buildings scheduled for demolition.

Check out Boston's own salvage store, Restoration Resources, located in the historic South End. Regarded as New England’s primary source for architectural antiques and unique home décor, the diverse selection of “reclaimed” relics is generally salvaged from historical sites, interesting buildings, churches, period homes, and town houses throughout New England.

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